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An Appetite For Adventure

Culinary Exploration, Fueled By Ingenious Hunger For


Gina Ferwerda Snowmobiling

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a video describing my passion for cooking and adventure sports. And how, for me, those two came together into this new and adventurous culinary career. It's my unique Culinary POV (point of view), which I call my Culinary Exploration, Fueled by my Ingenious Hunger for Adventure.

I always surprise people when I bring out a hot, gourmet meal in extreme, remote locations. When most people are pulling out a granola bar or cold sandwich 10,000 feet up, I’m having filet mignon and tomato basil gnocchi. The point is you can eat a gourmet meal anywhere there’s a heat source, sometimes you just need a little ingenuity.

Here's a glimpse into the #FueledBy photo shoot!

Growing up, I never realized how my passion for adventure sports would one day coincide with my love of cooking. But growing up on a farm and learning to respect the agriculture around us along with my love of adventure sports; it was a natural progression that now fuels my passion for culinary exploration.

Whether we are out snowmobiling in the mountains near Jackson Hole...

Or we are off-roading with our Jeep...

Or grilling and boating...

And even traveling the country in our motorcoach trying to find the next adventure...

Even if I start cooking in a kitchen...

Or in a kichen...on wheels...

There's one thing for sure! I'm finding a way to make the best meal, anywhere, anytime and exploring the road less traveled to find the most exotic and unique location to eat. That's the JOURNEY! That is what I'm #FUELEDBY.

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