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Hot Honey Chicken & Heluva Good! Dill Pickle Sammies

Hot Honey Chicken & Dill Pickle Sammies

It's tailgating season! For those of you that have a copy of my new cookbook, Meals From the Mitten, you know how much I LOVE dill pickles. So when I tried the Heluva Good! Dill Pickle Dip, I knew that I needed to incorporate this dip into a tailgating sandwich. One of my favorite sandwiches is a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. It's, basically, a piece of fried chicken dipped in a hot sauce and served on a bun with pickle slices. I decided to make this sandwich using Heluva Good! Dill Pickle Dip as a condiment (and also as a base for the slaw.) It's delicious and so easy! If you are looking for a last minute recipe to take to your tailgating party or Monday Night Football game party, here's a quick and easy recipe that serves a dual purpose. The dip is perfect for these sammies and the dip is also great for chips veggies!

Heluva Good! Dips are found in the dairy aisle of the supermarket~

They are made with real sour cream and flavorful spices – with flavors including French Onion, Bacon Horseradish, Dill Pickle, and Jalapeno Cheddar~

They pair great with chips, but you can also use them as a fun spread on burgers~

In the West Michihgan area, Heluva Good! is available at your nearest Meijer, D&W, and Family Fare Supermarkets~

These dips are a crowd pleaser and are easy to serve at any Game Day party. Pair them with ridged potato chips or your favorite dippables, including veggies, pretzels and tortilla chips.

Check out more recipes on the Heluva Good! website~

Honey Hot Chicken & Heluva Good! Dill Pickle Sammies

(Makes 8)

1/2 cup honey hot sauce

8 cooked crispy chicken strips

24 dill pickles slices

1/2 cup Heluva Good! Dill Pickle Dip

8 Hot Dog Buns, split top (I use King's Hawaiian Top-Sliced Buns)

Add honey hot sauce to a saucepan and heat over medium heat, until warm.

Dip chicken strips into hot sauce.

Add 3 pickle slices to each hot dog bun, followed by a honey hot chicken strip. Dollop each one with a tablespoon of Heluva Good! Dill Pickle Dip.


Add some Dill Pickle Slaw to the Honey Hot Chicken Sammies for some extra flavor and crunch. Simply add 1/2 cup Heluva Good! Dill Pickle Dip to a 12-ounce package of coleslaw.


Both of these can be made into lettuce wraps instead of using the buns.

Want to see how I made these sammies? Check out this video to see how easy they are!

Happy Tailgating!

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