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National Tailgating Day

Celebrate National Tailgating Day with us on Saturday, September 1st, 2018. I'll be on WZZM 13 around 7:45 am with a tailgating segment. I'll show you my version of a Detroit Coney Dog, which I call my Campfire Coney Dogs.

Campfire Coney Dogs

I like to simmer my hot dogs or brats in beer and then grill them. Whether you are using a grill or a campfire, I like to split them down the middle and grill them at the very end. The inside of the hot dog or brat is juicy and outside casings have a nice snap.

Pure Michigan fire pit

Tailgating Checklist -

Coolers - If you have more than 1 cooler, label them

Ice and a few frozen water bottles

Tent or canopy

Chairs - folding tables - extension cords

Portable grill and accessories

Food - labeled - I like to use disposable containers for quick and easy clean up

Condiments - I use muffin tins with cupcake liners to hold the condiments

Drinks - labeled

Paper plates, napkins, plastic ware, cups, zip lock containers

Cook ware and utensils (don't forget knives and cutting boards)


Blankets - Music

Clean-up supplies in a labeled bag (trash bags)

The easiest way to incorporate a lot of these items is to have a great cooler. I have a cooler called the "Coolest Cooler" and some of the great features include a cutting board, 2 separate compartments, ceramic knife, plates, wine opener, bottle opener, tie down bungee cord, waterproof USB charger, LED light switch, Bluetooth speakers, a blender and a rechargeable battery. I recommend finding a cooler that has tons of features so you have less items to pack for your tailgating adventure.

Tailgating Box -

Tape - scissors - pens - markers

Sharp knife


Bottle opener / wine opener


Matches - lighter

Can koozies


Hand sanitizer

Rain gear - sunblock - insect repellant


Disposable gloves

First aid kit

Lanyard to hold money - ID - football tickets (waterproof is great)

Business cards (for networking)

Hat - gloves


Campfire Coney Dogs

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