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Spring Cookbook 2018, Meals From the Mitten, will be released on April 10th

Meals From the Mitten: Celebrating the Seasons in Michigan

Thank you, everyone, for all of the pre-sale orders. Most of the pre-sale cookbooks have now been shipped out. I'm so happy to release the books early to those who pre-ordered. You guys rock! Thank you for your continued support!

The official release date for my debut cookbook, Meals From the Mitten: Celebrating the Seasons in Michigan, is April 10, 2018.

The book will still be available on this site for purchase and at other retail locations. I will have a list on this website with the retail locations where you can pick up a copy of this cookbook.

Ashley Fraxedas and Gina Ferwerda

A huge thanks to the entire team at Story Farm and especially my editor, Ashley Fraxedas. This book has been a year-long labor of love! Thanks for all of your help and support! I can't wait to start showing this beautiful cookbook off to the world!

I will be doing some book signings and local author nights, along with some scheduled tv appearances to promote the book this spring and summer. So stay tuned for a list of those dates.

Thanks to the Ludington Daily News, Oceana-Herald Journal, The Oceana County Press, Grand Rapids Magazine and Michigan Blue Magazine for your articles on this upcoming book. I appreciate all of your support and kind words on this book!

Grand Rapids Magazine article

Ludington Daily News article

Oceana County Press article

Oceana Herald-Journal article

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