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Jackfruit Sliders with a BBQ Horsey Slaw

Jackfruit Sliders

It's Super Bowl Sunday & time for another segment of my 2018 Positive Food Resolutions with Meredith TerHaar on WZZM TV13. Remember back in January, we started the year off learning how to use Soba Noodles and Peanut Butter Powder in my Soba Noodle Chicken Satay? Well, February is going to be all about Jackfruit & Horseradish! Jackfruit is becoming very trendy and it's a great meat alternative. I thought it would be great to show a healthier version of a pulled pork slider, just in time for the big game. (It's also an easy way to add a vegetarian party food for game day.) I LOVE meat, but I have a lot of vegan and vegetarian friends. So, I like to add some options to my party buffet and these sliders are always a hit!

Jackfruit is the world's largest tree-borne fruit (sometimes weighing over 100 pounds). If you've ever seen it in the produce department, it's kind of ugly. It's green and shaped like a watermelon. The coolest thing about Jackfruit is it's texture. When you think about fruit, you usually think about sweet dishes. But this fruit has a meat like texture and is used a lot to make savory dishes. You can buy it it fresh and cut it up yourself, you can buy it in a can and heat it up, but the easiest way is to buy it already seasoned. (Note- stores now have pre-packaged pouches available with all the spices included. I've seen BBQ Jackfruit , Tex-Mex Jackfruit and Teriyaki Jackfruit in the refrigerated section of the produce department at Meijer. Simply open the pouch and heat up, super simple!)

This recipe is for my BBQ Jackfruit Sliders with a BBQ Horsey Slaw. I make my own horseradish sauce using horseradish root. Horseradish is a member of the mustard family. Of course, you can buy prepared horseradish sauce at the store but I like to make my own. This way I control the heat. For milder horseradish, add vinegar right away when making the sauce. Want to make it a bit hotter, then grind up the horseradish and hold off on adding vinegar right away. I like really hot horseradish and by making it myself, I can make it so it really clears out my sinuses.

So tune into WZZM on Sunday, February 4th between 9-10 a.m. to see this recipe in action.

BBQ Jackfruit Sliders topped with BBQ Horsey Slaw

Serves 12

BBQ Horsey Slaw

1/3 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup BBQ sauce

2 tablespoons Horseradish Sauce (recipe below in note or use prepared horseradish)

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons sugar

1/4 teaspoon celery seeds

1/4 teaspoon salt

3 cups shredded cabbage

2- 10 ounce packages BBQ Jackfruit

1/4 cup BBQ sauce

1 12-pack dinner rolls


In a large bowl, whisk together all slaw ingredients except the cabbage. Once slaw sauce is well-incorporated, mix in cabbage. Cover and refrigerate until ready to assemble sliders.


Heat jackfruit according to package. Stir in bbq sauce, then remove from heat.


Cut all 12 rolls in half, horizontally (at one time, keeping the tops in tact and the bottoms in tact). Set the tops aside.


Place bottom rolls on a cutting board, then cover with the BBQ jackfruit mixture. Evenly spread slaw over jackfruit, then add the tops. Skewer each slider, then cut sliders apart.


To make your own Horseradish Sauce, combine 1/3 cup freshly grated horseradish, 2 teaspoons dijon mustard, 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 3/4 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon water in a food processor. Pulse until thoroughly combined.

Gina Ferwerda & Meredith TerHaar WZZM13

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