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Jeep Talk Show Food Segment from the 51st Easter Jeep Safari on Flat Iron Mesa Trail ~

Here is another great trail food segment from our trip to the 51st Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. I made a Ham & Swiss Garlic Pimento Cheese Bread under the hood of my Jeep while we were out on Flat Iron Mesa Trail.

I am a Jeep Talk Show food contributor. Jeep Talk Show is a great podcast that you can listen to on Thursday nights at 11pm EST on their YouTube channel or on iTunes. They also do a Jeep Talk Call in Show on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST. I will be a guest on the Jeep Talk Call in Show on Tuesday, July 11th at 9pm. So, tune in! I'll remind you guys as the date gets closer.

If you love Jeeping and off-roading, then you need to be listening to this podcast! They even have a Jeep Talk Forum that you can join.

The Jeep Talk Show started out in December of 2010 as The XJ TALK SHOW! Over the years the podcast has morphed into a weekly show about more that just Jeep Cherokees and off-roading.


Tony has a number of websites, this one included. a Jeep Cherokee forum that has been in service even before the podcast.,,, and even a personal site that he occasionally makes off the wall posts on, You can find Tony on all the major social media outlets except Pinterest. 😀

@TonyMuckleroy on Twitter and Facebook. Instagram as well.


Co-host Josh Blanchard joined the team (of one) in November of 2012. Josh has experience as a for hire DJ. Josh is and avid Jeeper, owns an XJ and does his own modifications.


With the addition of Co-Host Tammy-Jeep Momma the podcast began to expand it’s Jeep coverage with the Jeep Wrangler. Tammy is new to the Jeep world purchasing her JKU-Sahara in 2013. Then in 2014 the off-roading bug bit her and she upgraded to a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. She has also begun modifying her Jeep and attempts most all her mods herself.

The Jeep Talk Show interviews people, companies and organizations that make up the off-road community.

You can listen to our podcasts directly from this site, iTunes, and several other online venues including iHeartRadio.

The Jeep Talk Show app is now available in the Apple Store or Google Play. Download it now!


Ham & Swiss Garlic Pimento Cheese Bread


Loaf of fresh garlic bread (If you choose to use frozen, make sure it is thawed)

1 cup pimento cheese (I used smoked gouda pimento cheese from Sam's Club)

Swiss cheese, sliced (or your favorite cheese)

Ham slices


Open garlic loaf and lay flat, with buttered sides up.

Spread pimento cheese evenly over the buttered garlic bread.

Add cheese slices, followed by the ham.

Carefully, put bread back together and wrap in 3 layers of aluminum foil.

Add to your jeep and go for a ride. Be cautious on where you put your food under your hood. And make sure that nothing is going to leak out. You want the sandwich to be compressed so it doesn't move all around, but your don't want it to be squished because then you could encounter some leakage. You don't want that! This will take about 3-4 hours and the cheese will be perfectly melted. We recently did this garlic loaf on the Flat Iron Mesa Trail in Moab, Utah for the 51st Anniversary of the Easter Jeep Safari. We checked it after an hour or two and it wasn't quite melted, but after 3+ hours it was perfect.

Pretty much everything I use can be purchased at any Walmart or Sam's Club. The reason I choose those is because when we are out Jeeping, you can always find a Walmart close to any town or trails. And when you are traveling and towing your Jeep, you don't have a lot of space in a cooler or hotel refrigerator to make home made dips. It's easiest to buy them pre-made for quick and easy prepping and cleanup.

Of course, this can also be baked in the oven. Bake for 20-30 minutes, or until cheese is thoroughly melted, at 350 degrees F.

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