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Silver Spices

I would like to introduce you to my new spice line, Silver Spices. When my cookbook came out in 2018, I kept saying that when I had some extra time I wanted to add a spice line that would accompany the book along with several YouTube videos showcasing the recipes. Since I was ordered by the governor to stay-at-home and not travel for several months, I found that extra time. I was able to film several YouTube videos showcasing recipes from my cookbook and many of them were used for TV segments. Since April 1st, those videos have aired over 500 times on over 200 stations in over 40 states in the U.S. (thanks to syndication.) I was also able to finally develop this spice line and I can't wait for you guys to try these! I have ten different blends. I am selling them on my website ( and they are also in some local stores.The spices perfectly compliment my cookbook, Meals From the Mitten.

I have an amazing Dune Dockers BBQ Rub and a Silver Steak Seasoning that are perfect for grilling season.

I also have a Candied Ginger Cinnamon Spice that is delicious on roasted sweet potatoes, on toast and in an apple pie. It'll be your new favorite cinnamon spice!

If you love French onion dip and soup, then you'll need my Roasted & Toasted Onion Seasoning. It has roasted garlic and toasted onions in this season and it's delectable. It's also the best seasoning to add while caramelizing onions. Great to add to your summer burgers!

The Stir-Fry-Yay Seasoning is great with any Asian inspired dish, like stir fry and even with a wasabi dipping sauce for sushi and grilled asparagus. (I'll have recipes up soon that includes all of the spice blends.) I added some stir fry seasoning this past weekend to some portobello mushrooms before grilling them and they turned out great. It's the perfect way to make a vegetarian stir fry.

This house seasoning is truly magical. My Magical House Seasoning is an all-purpose, everyday seasoning. It can be used on meats, vegetables, potatoes and seafood. It is my #1 go-to seasoning for everything.

Are you a smoked seasoning fan like I am? Here's my Michigan Cherrywood Smoked Seasoning, which features flaked sea salt that is smoked with Michigan Cherrywood along with some dill, rosemary and garlic. This is another all-purpose seasoning, similar to the house seasoning but this one features a great, smoky flavor.

Anytime you are going to add a pinch of red pepper flakes to any dish, you need to sprinkle on my Italian Smoked Red Pepper Flakes. Not only are the red pepper flakes smoked, this one includes some Italian seasonings throughout. Perfect for pizza, pasta and Sunday gravy.

And no seasoning line would be complete without some taco seasoning. Welcome to my Taco Tuesday Seasoning. It's great on tacos, enchiladas, and with sour cream for a decadent 7 layer dip.

You can find all of these spices on this website, under the SHOP tab, along with these local retailers:

Wet Head Beach Shop in Silver Lake

Silver Lake Tees in Silver Lake

I'm also adding new stores daily, so check back to see if it's in your local store. If you are interested in selling Silver Spices in your retail location, send me an email. Just click on the Contact tab.

Feel free to like Silver Spices on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


Cheers to Silver Linings during the Quarantine!

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