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Jeep Talk Show - Call In Show

Hey guys, hope you're having a great summer! It's going by so fast! I've been staying busy with our businesses and writing my cookbook, but I always make time for the Jeep Talk Show. As you know, I am a food and travel contributor for JTS. I love to share my favorite trail food ideas with their audience and also my favorite Jeeping trails throughout the good ole USA. Recently they invited me on to be the guest for their Jeep Talk Show - Call In Show, which is live every Tuesday night at 9pm EST. Here is Episode 46. You can listen to the segment below or watch the YouTube segment. If you watch the segment, fast forward to 18:00 because we had some audio issues at the beginning. So, it starts around the 18 minute mark.

Thanks Tony & Tammy for having me on. I had a great time and I love chatting with you guys. I was also able to plug my upcoming cookbook, Meals From The Mitten. You can hit the shop button above and pre-order your copy now.

My next trail food segment is tonight, Thursday 7.27.17. I will show you how to make my Chipotle Cheddar Turkey Wraps, Sweet & Salty Popcorn and Fruit Infused Water for National Picnic Month. So, tune in tonight to the Jeep Talk Show on YouTube at 11pm ET.

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